Listen to the Podcast Interview with Amanda Martin on Clicker Training with SMAART Horses

Read more and Listen to the FREE Podcast interview here.“Shortly after buying her first stallion Amanda came across clicker training and immediately recognised that this would be a fantastic way to train him. She headed out to the barn with The Click That Teaches book, a clicker in hand and a pocket full of treats and made some wonderful discoveries. She discovered that clicker training is incredibly powerful, that it is an effective communication tool for horses and handlers, and that the horses responded with great enthusiasm.Now thanks to Amanda, and The Click That Teaches program, horse owners all over the UK and EU/Europe are able to build a solid relationship with their horse where the horse is a willing and enthusiastic partner in the training. Through clinics, lessons and online training courses she is helping horse owners everywhere discover that clicker training can help them create happy, eager horses who love to train. As a result she is also creating very happy horse owners who love spending time with their horses.Amanda also teaches clicker training at universities and colleges throughout the UK and is also a faculty member for the Equine Clicker Conference in the UK.” Read more and Listen to the FREE Podcast interview here.

Amanda Martin visits the Shetlands to teach clicker training to local horse owners

Amanda Martin covers all of the UK to teach clicker training to horse owners and last week she went as far north as Shetland to help Shetlanders with horses young and old, with and without problem behaviours.The weekend was ended on a high with Amanda and some of her clients putting on a Clicker Training Demonstration in South Nesting.  The demonstration showed people how to get started with clicker training safely, avoid the common pitfalls, there were many discussions about the science behind this science based training method and the demo finished with one of the more advanced horses showing us some of the more sophisticated training that can be achieved with clicker training.After the demonstration, one of the attendees said, It’s so incredibly valuable to be able to see decent professionals at work, to learn from them and to have the chance to discuss ideas. Those who could not come missed a great opportunity.Amanda has also been asked to go to the Orkneys to teach; she will be there on 29 and 30 September.

Happy Endings Rescue Open Day Features Amanda Martin from SMAART Horses

S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses were at the Happy Endings Rescue Centre; (Ospringe, Faversham, ME13 0SD) open day on 1 July 2012.  Amanda did clicker training demonstrations with Dolly (, who featured in Peter Andres TV show; Here to Help, and Izzy, who featured in Channel 4’s Animal Madhouse ( centre raised a fantastic £3255 !!

Make a donation to help the animals at Happy Endings Rescue

S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses Video 3 Published on Horse Hero

“Teaching a Horse to Bridle Himself Using Clicker Training”

The full video can be found on Horse Hero.

Amanda Martin is Presenting at the Equine Clicker Conference, 23 Sept 2012

Posted by Admin, 10 June 2012
“Amanda is the only UK approved instructor for Alexandra Kurland’s “The Click that Teaches”.Her training is about more than teaching good balance and performance; she also teaches people how to have a powerful and meaningful relationship with their horse that evolves out of understanding the emotions and feelings that underly behaviour.That relationship takes ‘ordinary’ balance and performance and makes it ‘extraordinary’.”

SMAART Horses on Horse Hero; Teaching Youngsters and Foot Care Training

Posted by Admin, 30 May 2012
Below is a taster of the video.  View the full video on Horse Hero.See the S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company’s featured article on Horse Hero.

Horse Clicker Trainer and entrepreneur, Amanda Martin, is creating positive waves in the horse training world

Posted by Admin, 30 April 2012
Horse Clicker Trainer and entrepreneur, Amanda Martin, The S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company Ltd (S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses), is creating positive waves in the horse training world.S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses teaches Clicker Training (positive reinforcement or rewards based training) and has just expanded by launching; Positive Horse Agility’ (specialist horse agility clicker training courses); company is already transforming the way we train horses with their growing number of UK and Europe wide live Clicker Training Clinics and World Wide Online Clicker Training College ( Courses.The only UK based approved “The Click That Teaches” (TCTT) Clicker Trainer, Amanda continues to study with pioneer of Clicker Training in the horse world, Alexandra Kurland; creator and author of TCTT Clicker Training. Also training with many other world leaders in clicker training Amanda ensures she brings the most up to date science and breakthroughs in clicker training to her clients. Clicker training uses positive reinforcement; identifying and marking specific moments in training. It is a huge positive jump away from traditional horse training and it uncovers an enormous ability that horses have to learn. It is proven to create horses that are; motivated to learn, skilled problem solvers (in everything from day to day tasks through to e.g. high school dressage), better balanced, safer to be around and able to reliably perform to higher levels in their discipline. Clients report that one of the many benefits of clicker training is that it advances their horses learning at a speed and to a level that they did not realise was possible.

S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses has already reached and transformed many horses from family pets’ right through to those who were previously labelled dangerous. As the business offers more diverse learning opportunities it continues to unlock the potential of more horses.

Amanda Martin films with Horse Hero

Posted by Admin, 25 April 2012
Amanda has just completed her first day of filming with Horse Hero.  The videos will be out on the Horse Hero web site in 6 to 8 weeks.  Video previews will be posted on the S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Co. web site.Amanda has more Horse Hero filming dates booked for 2012.

SMAART Horse Company is now the UK Distributor for April Battles Products

Posted by Admin, 22 April 2012
The S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company has agreed a deal with April Battles, Holistic Horse Works, and are now the UK retailer and wholesaler for April Battles DVDs and the online workbook.  The items can be purchased from the S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses online shop; Horse Works shares a free Yoga for Horses DVD…

Amanda Martin Agrees Podcast Interview with Val Heart

Posted by Admin, 2 March 2012
Amanda continues to share clicker training for horses in an interview with Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle (  The interview will be carried out in the summer of 2012.

Amanda Martin; author in book on tips for owning and caring for your horse

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Amanda Martin was asked to contribute to an e-book published in March 2012.  To access a copy of the book and to see a preview, click on the link.