About Amanda

Amanda Martin BSc, MSc, CAP 2
        * Equine Behaviourist and Trainer
                * Personal Development Coach
                        * Business Coach

With an extensive education in physiology, behaviour and a Fear Free approach to training you or your animal learner, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your coaching sessions which will help you meet your goals.  Amanda has unlimited patience and can explain things in a way that people can understand.

Horse Training; Amanda’s Bachelor´s degree in Physiology helps her assess horses from a physiological perspective.  Her Master´s Degree in Forensic Science (which requires superior attention to detail), her ever-expanding knowledge of Applied Behavioral Analysis, learning theory, the neurophysiology of learning, equine behaviour, equine behaviour rehabilitation, the common illnesses in horses and extensive experience of a Fear Free training approach with animals have all combined her to develop an expert  eye for finding the right training plans for your horses training, knowing when to refer to another equine expert (body worker, vet, physio etc) and seeing superior balance and cadence in horses.

Specialising in problem horse behaviours Amanda has had her skills tested to the limits and has managed to help many more horses as a result.

Amanda knows how to teach good balance and cadence through positive training that engages the horse creating a willing and enthusiastic partnership.  Applying her dedication to understanding the detail and ability to search for the truth at every level of horsemanship she brings you the best training possible.

“What makes Amanda particularly special is far more than can be said on paper. She can help and inspire you, build confidence in horse and handler and so much more.  Whether you’ve been clicker training horses for years or it’s your first tentative day clicker training your horse Amanda is able to help you advance your training.” Alexandra Kurland

Amanda has featured in Horse Scene Magazine (August 11, September 11, October 11) and Horse Hero.

Continued Professional Development

To ensure she can bring the best to the horses emotionally and physically Amanda continually develops and deepens her knowledge of many topics; Applied Behavioural Analysis, classical dressage, learning theory, neuroanatomy and so much more.

Just some of the trainers Amanda has worked with are; Susan Friedman, Jesus Rozalez-Ruiz, Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Alexandra Kurland, Kay Laurence, Elaine Herbert (Sylvia Loch), Vera Munderloh (Anja Beran), James Shaw, Natural Animal Center and more.

Amanda Martin Professional Details

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