Talks and Presentations

Amanda Martin welcomes invitations to do talks and presentations from:

  • Pony Clubs
  • Riding clubs
  • Welfare organisations
  • Vet students
  • Clubs/societies
  • and more

The talks / presentations can be on:

  • Any aspect of Clicker Training for horses
  • Learning theory; the theory and the practical application
  • Getting Started with Clicker Training
  • How to Teach Ground Manners using Clicker Training
  • Teaching a Horse to Calm Down
  • How to Teach In-Hand work with Clicker Training
  • Stimulus Control (get behaviour and movements reliably when you ask for them)
  • Problem Solving
  • and more

Contact Amanda to discuss a talk or presentation for your group or club.
Email: (or use our contact form to the right)
Phone0777 196 5083