Clicker Training Consultations

Amanda offers face to face, online live chats and email consultations options to suit your needs.

Find out more about Equine Behaviour Consultations or Equine Clicker Training Consultations with Amanda Martin;

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Whether you are just getting started, not sure where to start, or you are already started Amanda can help you with Clicker Training for your horse.

Amanda can teach you from your very first click right through good balance in both you and your horse and in to advanced in-hand and ridden clicker training with your horse.

With a FEAR FREE TRAINING APPROACH you can learn how to communicate more effectively with your horse, learn about good balance in your horse, learn about good balance in yourself and learn how to take all that in to your ridden work.  From all that evolves a relationship with your horse that is based in MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT where you can achieve anything you want.