Young Horses

Training Young Horses

“With the consistency and clarity that clicker work brings to a horse’s training, sitting on them is just the next natural step in their eyes”
– Amanda Martin

Amanda has years of experience training young horses. She has trained both of her own from a young age and taken them seamlessly through the experience of the first few rides.

Having trained her own stallion she understands the unique challenges that training young horses can bring to the training process. She can help you successfully manage those challenges, and all of the others that present themselves when faced with a young horse, using clicker training.

Owning and training a young horse can be so much fun, but a daunting experience at the same time.  Training a young horse can be delightful as young horses are playful, responsive and fabulous to work with.  However, we need to consider their growth, their changing mouths, their changing hormones etc.100_0882 (2)

When training young horses, many questions crop up;

  • What should we feed them?
  • What equipment should we be using/not using?
  • When is a horse old enough to clicker train?
  • Do we need to wait for them to be on hard food?

Amanda can advise you on how to start training young horses with clicker training right at the beginning of a horse’s life.

Breaking a Young Horse

For many people who find themselves in the position of breaking a young horse, it is often the first time that they have had to teach a horse how to accept a halter, a bit, a saddle and so on.

However, when we get the very special opportunity to break (or as we prefer to call it, ‘back’) a young horse ourselves, it’s the one time we get to work without having to consider what previous training may have occurred.

We can take advantage of a young horses’ natural curiosity and get them familiar with so many things before we even think about hopping on board.

When we are training young horses, as with all of our training, we carefully observe the horse’s body language to ensure they are learning in a positive way.

We don’t have horse breaking techniques / horse breaking methods as such. Rather, via the use of the clicker and positive reinforcement training, we are able to tailor the training of young horses to suit the individual needs of the horse and handler.

Please contact us for guidance and tips on how to enjoy training young horses or look at the details on our Learn Clicker Training pages.