Stallions are often thought of differently when talking about the gender of a horse.  Yet they are just horses.   As such, training stallions should be no different to training any other horse, we may just need to tweak the training plan/priorities a little.

There are some critical things to remember when training stallions:

  • Stallions are horses; treat them like horses as they have the same needs as a mare or a gelding in terms of socialisation, friendship, turnout etc.
  • Stallions are professional opportunists; if they see an opportunity they will take it.  As such, we sometimes need to be more aware of surroundings when training stallions.

Stallion myths:

  • Only men should train stallions; this is not true as training should not be about physical strength.  Training any horse is about finding effective ways to reinforce desired behaviour.
  • Stallions are mouthy; any horse can be mouthy (or bite) if their basic needs of socialisation, movement, mental stimulation etc are not met.  If your stallion bites then perhaps he needs some management changes in his life.

Amanda has specialist experience with stallions and with clicker training stallions.  She can help with management solutions to ensure your stallion is emotionally balanced and your training programme to ensure your stallion is physically balanced.

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