Clicker For Confidence

Do you feel anxious or lack confidence when riding or handling your horse/pony?

Has an accident dented your confidence?

Bought your first horse or pony and it seems different to riding school horses?

Returned to riding after a break and your confidence is not what is was?

Do you want to achieve more with your own riding or your horses ability?

Lost your motivation?

Find yourself making excuses not to ride, or not to ride in ´that´ area, or at that time, or to go out hacking etc?

Clicker Training with your horse can help with all of these

With clicker training we not only break things down in to small pieces (microshaping) for the horses, but this also means we are breaking things down for the handler.  By doing this we can make sure you and the horse stay within a range of behaviours that do not make either of you feel fearful. We stay within your comfort zone.

By doing this we can quickly and effectively build your confidence in yourself and your horse.

If you would like to find out more about Clicker Training for Confidence please contact us, or email