Breaking Horses

Breaking horses is a term that means training a horse to do what you ask, but this is a phrase that is being used less and less among horse trainers as it has negative connotations.

Other traditional phrases are:

  • break a horse
  • breaking a horse in
  • breaking in a horse
  • horse breaking in
  • horse breaking and training

These are now more frequently referred to as ‘backing a horse’.  With clicker training, Amanda has been successfully training horses and has also backed horses (including stallions).

She is happy to help you with the horse breaking methods (or more correctly; horse backing methods) she uses with the clicker.  There are plenty of clicker training horse breaking tips / horse backing tips to help you have a successful and safe first ride on your young horse.

Breaking a Horse to Ride

The process of breaking a horse to ride / backing a horse in the past was not always easy and could even be dangerous.  Using clicker training, the process of backing your horse can be made easy so that when you are ready to sit on your horse for the first time, it is just the next natural step in the clicker process.

Amanda can help you with what has been traditionally termed:

  • breaking a horse to harness
  • breaking a horse to ride (including dressage training)
  • breaking a young horse / breaking young horses
  • breaking and training horses (including re-breaking and ongoing training)
  • saddle breaking a horse
  • breaking colts and stallions
  • prevent or break a horse from bucking, rearing or other unwanted behaviour
  • how to halter break a horse
  • training young horses
  • training older horses
  • how to train using horse clicker training

Breaking horses / backing horses is an important stage of horse training that can be stressful for the horse and the trainer if the methods and techniques used create fear. Clicker Training removes the fear and stress by gently training your horse to the pont where he can be backed and ridden without fuss and anxiety.

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