Clicker Training Horses

Horse Clicker Training can be applied to any horse training, whether you are an experienced and confident horse handler and rider, if you are new to horses or if you have had your confidence dented.

Clicker training can be used to teach your horse; Dressage, Jumping, Horse Agility, TREC, Showing…any discipline, any age, any level and any ability.

Horse Clicker Training can be used for; Spooky horses, Horses being rehabilitated, Old or young, Stallions, Mares, Geldings, For backing/breaking horses, re-starting experienced or starting green horses, Big or small, Childs ponies or horses…any horse.

Enabling Horses and Handlers

20101009-_MG_0101-198x300Amanda´s goal is to enable horse owners to engage their animals willingly in learning, problem solving, rehabilitation, communication, and more, using clicker training for horses.

Anxious Handlers and Riders

She also helps anxious handlers and riders overcome fears without using force or pressure.  Using clicker training skills and methods she will help you uncover what is causing your anxiety and work through your fear.

Problem Horses

Amanda works primarily as a horse clicker trainer.  Working with all breeds, ages and types of horses, Amanda also specialises in horses with problem behaviours.

Horse Clicker Training

S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses Equine Clicker Training Specialist Amanda Martin is not only trained to a high level of proficiency in clicker training, she is also trained in Equine Behaviour. What she brings to you through horse clicker training is the ability to see and reinforce the balance that you want from your horse for dressage and all other disciplines to help maintain a sound spine in your horse.  Her lessons will show you how to practice Alexandra Kurlands step by step guide or how to integrate clicker training into your current training.

shaping-on-a-point-of-contact-1Instruction from Amanda in horse clicker training will help you develop a profound body awareness in your horse.

All equestrian disciplines require the horse to attaining a particular level of emotional and physical balance and body awareness and Amanda has a keen eye for training the balance that your horse will need for your chosen discipline.

Dressage Horse Clicker Training

Having trained to an advanced level with Alexandra Kurland (a classical dressage instructor), Amanda has learned advanced clicker training and a superior eye for an elegant balance in the horse that we all aim to achieve.

Amanda offers tailor made training through
Horse Clicker Training lessons, clinics, workshops and more. 
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